InnovAsian Cuisine® Enterprises evolved in response to an existent void in the Supermarket away-from-home meal category for scratch ready, restaurant quality Asian meals. Supermarket Operators were responding to emerging consumer trends to resolve meal solution issues in light of scarcity of time and family demands. Consumers acquiesced to pay for high quality in return for delivered value. Prepared foods offerings begin to proliferate and menus were requiring greater breadth beyond comfort foods. Asian Foods were one of the first portable foods introduced to consigners in the early 20th century, and over the years it became the ubiquitous "carry out” preference. Reducing the complexity of Asian Foods to simple, scratch ready, convenient to prepare, became the hallmark of InnovAsian Cuisine’s successful product strategy. Other factors influencing the Asian Foods category that will cement its position in American diets during the next generation includes, but are not limited to:

•The influx of Asians will continue to expand, and acculturate into American society which will greatly influence the palette.

•Americans have developed a curious fascination with Asia through travel, media and culinary exposure. There is a pent up demand to replicate the new and exciting flavors.

•Sushi, Teriyaki, Rice Bowls, are now embedded in mainstream American diets

•Restaurant Operators like Panda Express, P F Chang's, and Neighborhood Chinese Buffets, Noodle & Teriyaki Shops flourish throughout America.

•Generic Oriental Foods have been replaced by Region specific locations of Asia and their indigenous Flavors and Spices

It is within this sphere of influence that InnovAsian Cuisine® has laid its cornerstone and will continue its evolution into a market leader world class Asian Foods Company.


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