Carando is proud to celebrate our 75th year in business. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into one of the largest and most complete suppliers of Italian deli and specialty meats in the U.S. But in order to fully appreciate where we are, we must first acknowledge where we’ve been.

The Beginning Even before there was a Carando family business, there was a Carando family name. Pietro (Peter) Carando grew up in Italy as one of five children, and because his father died when he was young, it was up to Peter to support his family very early on. The importance of this responsibility kept him focused as he commuted 20 miles every morning via train to Torino to apprentice in a sausage shop. His passion to survive and thrive was clear even then, and that passion came to define the Carando name.

Arriving in America It wasn’t long before the burgeoning opportunity of America beckoned. However, Peter’s first job in the States working on a road crew came to an abrupt end due to the onset of the Great Depression. Fortunately for lovers of fine Italian meats everywhere, Peter had been working on a backup plan. He’d been honing the artisan skills he had learned in Italy by hand-making sausage in his basement every evening and selling it to local provisioners the next morning. It wasn’t long before he had established a glowing reputation. By the time he was ready to officially start his own business, he had already built a loyal clientele. Immediately, Peter recognized the potential and pursued new opportunities.


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